Friday, February 09, 2007


though these insights are mostly accurate, i think that there are individuals with no conscience. who can sleep despite their wicked acts of violence.

and who can escape society's opprobrium.

i think of bill clinton for instance. though reviled by many for his willingness to be fellated, i revile him for his imposition of sanctions on iraq. sanctions that routinely involved the aerial bombardment of infrastructure that propelled the country into a sewer. i have never heard bill[and his buddy, tony blair]apologize for all that death-dealing destruction.

and cruise missiles into afghanistan, somalia.

and then there is haiti.

but bill clinton appears healthy. seems to be sleeping well. but he has hands as bloody as any mass murderer in the history of this gangster nation.

and yet, he is cherished. oddly enough, cherished by many who despise his successor for perpetrating similar crimes.

i often think that if there was an almost perfect illustration of amorality, it is this.

i close this way. i think that generating violence of any sort is monstrously corrosive.

in my youth, i had the opportunity to diversify and manufacture munitions. i was initially very enthusiastic about harvesting those revenues.

then my dad asked me a question...did i really want to be a part of the state's murderings, complicit in mass homicide. was a dollar of revenue so important that you would join in perpetrating the dance of death.

this conversation re-awakened my moral foundation. i abandoned that munitions' diversification idea.

for all of bill's religiosity, he was comfortable with ordering mass murder.

i don't go to church. nor believe in any organized religion.


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