Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i am looking at the top shelf of my library. and there they are, the six gravel volumes of the pentagon papers. published by the beacon press.

i wonder how rare it is that i have these.

gravel was/is another individual more honorable than the current members of the democrat party. sorry, the georgist contempt was accurate.

and gravel's contempt is accurate. he recognizes that the democrat leadership is disguised reptillians.

i think it takes him back into the nasty past. when the democrats supported lbj to invade viet-nam. and then joined with the reptillians to bomb and invade cambodia, creating the khmer rouge, pol pot.

and gravel knows why the democrat party supported this homicidal lunacy. it was the money. gravel knows everything. he knows that the demtillians have no moral standing.

we should all pay attention to mike gravel.


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