Friday, February 02, 2007


i consider this a wake-up essay. in a sense, it involves politics. in another sense, it involves the propaganda that governs the public health.

i write this because of my experiences with a loved one.

you should know that alzheimer's is all too casually cited as the sole cause of dementia. i think it is a short-hand diagnosis that obscures the many other causes: a short-hand diagnosis that inflates the revenues of the medical industry.

i shall never dispute that alzheimer's syndrome is a cause of dementia. but what i shall tell you is that alzheimer's as the cause is mostly anecdotal, not an empirical finding.

and why is that? mostly because most victims of dementia, dying under a physician's care, are never autopsied. in fact, in my experience, trying to obtain a cranial autopsy is almost always defied. hmmmmmm.

unless someone can tell me that i am mistaken, i find that there is no formal NIH dementia registry. DO YOU FIND THAT AS ODD AS I FOUND IT?

so, here is my story. i think it reveals what i consider to be the more salient causes of dementia - vascular, nutritional, hormonal[endocrinal].

i don't remember when i first noticed it. it was sometime in the early 1990's. my mom stopped eating salads. stopped eating sources of B vitamins. at that time, i did not know that B vitamin shortfalls would destroy the brain. i could get her to eat a salad if it was small enough, but the standard restaurant monstrosity would cause her to reject it. and if i wasn't around, she abandoned salads altogether.

it was a week-end when i was out of town that she must have had a mini-stroke. her maid found her on the bathroom floor monday morning. i flew back into the country and took her to a doc.

the blood work-up indicated that she was suffering from a thyroid shortfall. and this doc prescribed for her a 30 day supply of synthroid. i met with him to discuss his diagnosis. he didn't mention the consequences of a thyroid shortfall. neither did he schedule a return visit so as to gage her synthroid dosage levels.

and i didn't research thyroid shortfall beyond that. my bad.

suffice it to say, hypothroidism will eventually cause dementia.

just as vitamin B shortfall will cause it.

SO, dementia might be countered by checking and maintaining thyroid levels.

and maintaining therapeutic levels of B vitamins. by the way, i don't think that you can achieve the necessary levels by diet. i think you must supplement. the only compounder of vitamins that i trust is bill sardi's recommendation - purity perfect.

and then there are those little strokes. trans ischemic attacks. anytime you think that you, or anyone you know, has had one of those, get to a cardiologist. get your bloodwork done.

it is my assertion that most dementia is not the result of alzheimer's syndrome. that the most significant cause[s] of dementia can be discovered and countered.

what interests me the most is why the medicos fail to tell us this.


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