Saturday, January 27, 2007


i think it was a sunday in 1993. the first snowfall.

my girlfriend and i were on our own in manhattan that evening. the voice wrote up a singer by the name of nancy lamott. called her the best cabaret singer in the city. and that sunday was her last performance at tavern on the green.

we booked a rez and walked from 57th @ park while snow fell.

a horribly kitschy space. but the performance was fabulous. chis marlowe at the piano. jay leonhardt on bass. and nancy lamott's fabulous voice.

sad to say, nancy succumbed to cancer at the end of 1996. just after she became noticed. but i play her self-produced cd's from time to time. and continue to be blown away by her finesse.

if you read this, acquire her cd's. i think that they are some of the best jass discs with a vocalist in the last 20 years.


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