Saturday, January 27, 2007


i have not been allowed to post on kos for years. steve gilliard can tell you why - he didn't like me calling him out.

but as to the notion that opponents to the war on viet-nam spit on soldiers - i can assure you, it never happened.

i was opposed to the war before i became a marine. i can recall being attacked by my classmates for my opposition to the war in the summer of 1968. was it 2 on 1? or was it 10 on 1?

who could recall. broken jaw. broken nose. i think my dad, a ww2 vet sued the families of those "patriots". they settled.

it gets more interesting....none of those virulent "patriots" enlisted. all pretended that they were homosexuals when called to their draft physicals and were 4f'ed.

i did enlist. so that no one could ever indict my opposition to that invasion as an issue of cowardice.

but i know who the cowards are in central ohio. i shall never forget them.


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