Wednesday, January 24, 2007


so, john forbes kerry will not be a candidate for president for this next bit of fraudulent vote counting.

what does that tell us?

it tells me that he completed his mission as a loyal "boner". he torpedoed legitimate anti-reptillian, anti-bushit candidates. that he performed his role successfully preserving the incumbency of his "boner" brother - george walker bush.

john forbes kerry was one of those candidates who went looking for defeat. he didn't fight the swift boaters. he didn't fight the vote fraud. in my opinion, his objective was to insure the incumbency of his fellow "boner".

now, why do i say this? it was a speech given by mark crispin miller concerning his analysis of vote fraud in ohio and how kerry dealt with that analysis after learning of it[of course, there were other congressional demtillians who refused to acknowledge what they knew of that vote fraud - miller singles out charlie rangel, for instance].

miller relates how kerry told him how surprised he was to learn of the research into the ohio vote fraud, and how kerry relates that he should have fought instead of acquiescing to the fraud. and then miller relates how after he made this admission public, the kerry acolytes denied that miller had ever met with their boss.

it is this vote fraud problem that i find most disconcerting...both demtillians and reptillians appear to want to ignore the problem. why is that?

my conclusion is that the demtillians pray that someday soon, they will be able to defraud the electorate just like the reptillians did.


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