Monday, January 15, 2007


the problems with chait, and his ilk, are these, at the very least...

1. are they secret employees of the state? you know what i mean, are they on the payroll of some usg agency?

2. are they just ignorant of how the world works?

3. are they beholden to some religious order[opus dei, skull & bones, aipac, mossad, shin bet, etc]?

now, why do i say these things? because it is umimaginable to me that chait, or any other commentator with any semblance of historical knowledge, could continue to mis-report the realities of the george herbert walker bush invasion of iraq in 1991.

i have discussed the historical realities of that invasion on a number of occasions. perhaps even at this site. but let me recount them again...

there is this oil field[rumallah] that is bisected by the kuwait/iraq border. in the late 1980's, the kuwait oil company[kuoco] determined that their hydrocarbon production was crashing. collaterally, it was determined that kuwait hydrocarbon production could be supplemented by stealing hydrocarbons from the iraq side of the rumallah field.

the initial step in this project was to acquire the santa fe drilling company - a pioneer in the practise of whipstocking[directional drilling]. after completing this acquisition, emir sabah and his national oil company[kuoco], began whipstocking the rumallah field on iraqi territory.

the record is quite clear that iraqi petroleum engineers noticed this "theft" of iraqi assets. and it is also clear that iraqi intelligence gained access to the kuoco drilling logs, which confirmed the whipstocking across the kuwait/iraq border.

odd, don't you think, how this reality is deprived of "air" in amerika?

perhaps as early as 1989, iraq began to protest this theft by kuwait of iraqi hydrocarbon assets. the emir sabah ignored the private protests.

by 1990, the iraqi govt went public with its protests. in fact, the iraqi govt publicly told the emir sabah that if the whipstocking and the production of iraqi hydrocarbons did not cease, then iraq was going to seize the kuwaiti whipstocking rigs and production assets by force.

this threat, coming from a well-known amerikan intelligence service creation and asset[saddam hussein, prompted the kuwait ambassador to the usa to seek an audience with ghwbush and his consigliere[james baker].

the way i read the response to the kuwait ambassador is that he was told that $25million for bush, another $25million to baker would solve the problem.

this is a very important part of the history to understand....saddam hussein was an agency of a "shake-down" of the emir sabah.

my understanding is that the kuwait ambassador was flabbergasted by this bit of extortion. he departed the oval office. agreeing to no bribing of the potus and his cardinal.

some weeks later, since kuoco was continuing to whipstock and produce from the iraqi side of the rumallah field, saddam hussein went public again with threats to seize those kuoco drilling and production assets unless kuoco ceased its thievery.

once again, the sabah's legate went to the oval office requesting that the usg call off their asset[everyone in the world, other than most citizens of the usa, knew that saddam hussein was our stooge - that iraq was our client state].

on this second meeting, he learned that the price for protection had escalated. rather radically. now the emir sabah would have to cough up $100million for the potus to call off saddam. once again, the ambassador fled the casa blanca, disbelieving that the potus was shaking down his country's gangster regime.

well, i think you may recognize now how this bit of history played out. it was the old game, refuse to pay, the price will escalate. kuoco, owned by the emir sabah, continued its whipstocking, its thieving of iraqi hydrocarbon assets. and at each threat by iraq to seize those assets unless the thieving was arrested, the kuwait ambassador would request an audience with george 1 and learn that the price of protection had escalated[$50,000,000 to start, then $75,000,000, then $100,000,000].

by the time of the april glaspie meeting with saddam hussein, where she gave iraq carte blanche to do what it needed to do to protect its national assets, the price for protection to the emir was at $400,000,000.

after april gave saddam his permission to do what iraq needed to do to prevent the continuing looting of iraqi hydrocarbon assets by kuwait, the emir sabah acquiesced to the extortion of bush/baker. $500,000,000 was transferred into their nominee accounts.

and then desert shield, desert storm were launched.

that is the real history. what a noble venture.

the united states as a caponesque syndicate.

and that is why saddam had to be silenced. why all those that know of that history must be eradicated.

you are never to learn of the dimensions of the bush/baker crime syndicate.

that imperative was what governed the bush1 invasion of panama, by the way. also an op with the mission to secure bush crime family records in panama. and to turn an individual knowledgeable of those crimes into another man in the iron mask.

you encounter a reporter, a pundit, that avoids these truths, then you should know that you are encountering an employee of the state.

and that is the way it is.


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