Saturday, January 13, 2007


how many years ago was it on the eschaton site that i identified the paris review as an outfit front? and at least two of its founders as outfit operatives?

i recall being derided for sharing that bit of knowledge. i think i shared it after listening to npr's false history of the paris review following the death of that other operative, george plimpton.

is npr an outfit entity? sure could be. funded by american corps and the cpb.

anyway, today, 13/1/07, the nyt reveals that matthiessen has finally admitted that he was/is an employee of the outfit: that the paris review was an outfit proprietary.

i think that this is an important confession....revealing for us the extraordinary dimensions of the secret police's manipulation of amerikan perceptions.

after all, if the literary journal - the paris review - and its editors are worthy of secret police invention and control, how about the more politically influential periodicals?

such as newspeak, time, the nyt, the wapo, the nation, the nro, et alia.

time to consider that all the outlets of information are agents of the secret police. and that all the employees of those agents are spooks.


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