Sunday, January 14, 2007


it has been a long time since i drank a chalone pinot blanc.

almost 20 years.

the last time i drank one was thanksgiving weekend, 1978.

my sister was living in little rock[i called it poca roca] and had booked a condo for us at a development near greer's ferry. the red apple inn.

this was dry territory. so i shipped a foot locker of wine for our[my] dining pleasure.

a corkage fee at the restaurant would obtain.

i recall shipping 1970 chateau gloria st julien. and chalone pinot blanc.

it was saturday night. everyone else had retired. i was sitting up, drinking a glass of the chalone pinot blanc, reading, with the television on in the background.

sometime around midnight, the story broke concerning jonestown.

i was up until dawn - following the sty.

since then, i had refrained from drinking chalone's pinot blanc.

yesterday, for some strange reason, i bought a bottle of the 2004 vintage. and opened it tonight to drink with maguro quickly grilled.

a very fine wine. that energizes all those memories of jim jones and the peoples temple. all those memories of the secret state using guyana as a staging area for invasions of west african countries.


Blogger Mooser said...

I never know what wine goes with an atrocity.

10:42 AM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

neither do i, you know.

if you could read, you would have noticed that i was drinking the pinot blanc before the jonestown event "aired".

the more interesting question is, what was jimmy carter drinking that night?

what was stansfield turner drinking?

more to the point, what was jfk drinking when he subverted the sovereinty of guiana?

ah, a hidden history, i think. you can tune in here...U.S. INTERVENTION IN BRITISH GUIANA: A COLD WAR STORY.
by stephen rabe.

ISBN 0807856398

6:58 PM  

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