Friday, January 19, 2007


it continues to be the damndest aspect of the commentary into the bushit's cointelpro pogrom.

the echelon program goes unmentioned.

it is almost as if the demtillians, the reptillians have met, made agreements not to discuss ECHELON.

i hear these sighs that the reptillians have contravened the constitution. and i hear these demtillians such as patrick leahy pretend to care about our civil liberties.

still, ECHELON goes unmentioned.

why would it be that this spying program continues to be considered a secret?

i know about it. why don't you?

the nastiest aspect of all this is how pacifica shows refrain from discussing ECHELON. i think of mark bebawi and pokey anderson, who are sheltered by KPFT. who could have discussed ECHELON many months ago. but have refrained from revealing that program to their audience. why i wonder. the influence of cpb dollars?

anyhoo, once you recognize ECHELON, then you will recognize that the state has been bugging the citizenry for years. and that the press has been working assiduously to hide this program from the citizenry. and that press includes the purportedly progressives.

are they all in the employ of the state?

i sure think so.


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