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kevin drum seems to have provoked the topic. many have responded.

perhaps i missed the proper consideration. if so, mea culpa.

what i failed to read was anyone discussing the evil empire's real preemptive wars...those virtually secret wars that toppled foreign governments, foreign anti-imperial political movements, without the investment of regular usa forces.

some recognize the most salient ones - iran and guatemala during the eisenhower regime.

but the truman wars destroying the trade union[socialist] movements in france, italy, japan are mostly unremembered.

so, too, the eisenhower manipulations of venezuela go unremembered. and though nixon was showered by rocks and spittle during his visit to caracas as eisenhower's vp, by and large, eisenhower's stasi succeeded in suppressing anti-imperialist political movements in venezuela for another 40 years.

still, on occasion eisenhower had to go beyond spook manipulations and invest troops. don't forget his invasion of lebanon in 1955[sic]. marines were landed to deny an islamic government and install camille chamoun, and the christian, nazi falange as the government of lebanon.

and then there was ike's support and maintenance of papa doc in haiti.

undoubtedly, there are other preemptive spook wars that were conducted during the eisenhower regime.

and that brings us to the fascist jfk regime. he continued all the eisenhower preemptive wars. and added a new special forces[green berets, seals, force recon]. these were semi-secret military orders that could be invested anywhere, anytime, without the knowledge of the congress, the amerikan electorate, on the orders of the potus. they were entitled to commit political do anything to another country and its inhabitants upon the secret orders of the potus.

one of the jfk secret wars that few recognize was the war that jfk conducted against british guiana and cheddi jagan.

and there was another one, where the usa cooperated with the brits, to destabilize and create the nigerian civil war. you might remember it as the biafran war.

this was preemptive, it preserved nigerian hydrocarbon extraction for the british and dutch royal families[royal dutch-shell].

now jfk becomes assassinated. and nothing about the energizing of these secret, preemptive wars of empire changes. lbj conducts himself as imperially as did truman, eisenhower, kennedy. when he discerns that even our south viet-namese puppets would prefer a unification of viet-nam and the end to even limited amerikan occupation, he sends the marines to invade.

when the dominican republic elects an anti-amerikan empire president, juan bosch, lbj sends the marines to invade the dominican republic and remove that regime.

and by the way, during the jfk/lbj eras, coincidentally, the usg is funding the french secret army organization[oas] in efforts to assassinate de gaulle so as to prevent the divestiture of algeria. it was a hydrocarbon thing, don't you know.

and then there are the preemptive seasian wars that go mostly undiscussed. the 1965 cia directed death squads in indonesia - eliminating the pki, an indigenous anti-imperialist political movement that saw sukarno as a puppet of the indonesian hydrocarbon extractors. estimates of those executed in months by the amerikan-directed indonesian military equal the numbers of jews, romas, homosexuals executed by ah from 1933-1945.

now, there is a significant preemptive war.

oddly enough, at the same time, the usa[and its brit allies] is fighting sukarno in the borneo[kalimantan] highlands. the very secret war. waged throughout the lbj era. by the commonwealth sas[uk, canada, australia, new zealand] and seconded special forces, seals. the objective: to prevent indonesia from seizing sarawak[the home of shell transport] and its hydrocarbons.

well, i think by now you should have an understanding as to how preemptive wars are really conducted. surreptitiously if at all possible. this was the reason for the establishment of the school of the assassins[amerikas] at ft benning. we would use the militaries of our client states to conduct the "secret", preemptive wars.

name the countries. honduras. guatemala. salvador. mexico. argentina. chile. ad nauseam.

this is the real thrust of preemptive war. death squads. assassins. imf financial restrictions.

and this effort of preemptive warfare is not limited to other nations. it happens right here....within the continental united states.

in part 2, i shall discuss that domestic preemptive warfare.


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