Thursday, January 25, 2007

glen beck

a name undeserving of caps.

a very evil individual. who cost me a friendship.

it was a day when mr riggs was listening to this asshole. i just happened to be visiting.

all of a sudden, beck started to denounce the victims of 9/11. specifically the jersey girls. i walked over and turned off that radio.

nothing was said at that time. but the owner of that radio has never spoken to me again.

he is a swallower of the kool-aid. what is so interesting is that he was more than physically qualified to enlist in the vietnam invasion, but found a way to duck it.

his son, another preacher of islamic invasions, is not going to enlist. another sunshine patriot.

and the wife, a fervent christian, believes that whatever that great christian gentleman, george walker bush, wants to do when it comes to murdering muslim noncombatants is quite all right with her faith.

and that is what we are up against...a host of homicidal lunatics, masquerading as christians.


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