Sunday, January 28, 2007


years ago, long before the pacifica revolt manifested itself, i became a critic of the lynn chadwick regime.

things i had to say about that regime, in the early days of the darpanet, received some "greetings". the most interesting was from a ken mccarthy. a san franciscan who saw it the way i saw it.

one aspect of the devolution of pacifica that ken shared with me was lynn chadwick's deal with the devil[ the corporation for public broadcasting].

when i learned that pacifica had sought, received, federal funds, all that happened to kpft during the garland ganter regime, all that happened to kpfk during the mark schubb[sic] regime, all that happened to kpfa after the "firing" of nicole sawaya was revealed to me.

i can assure you that i was an ardent enemy of mofu berry. i did everything this historian could do to try and get the president of the university of pennsylvania to curb her fascism. to no avail.

not being in california, i did what i could to try and get the pacifica "stakeholders" to seize the pacifica assets.

one of the things that i emphasized was that pacifica had to repudiate cpb funding.

spooner opposed that proposition.

and as i learned some weeks ago, pacifica is still sucking the federal teat.

as long as the cpb is a financier of pacifica, to any degree, there will be no more of my monies invested in pacifica.

when pacifica unsuckles, then you will see a restoration of my philanthropy.

and that is the way it is


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