Sunday, January 28, 2007


firstly, it is not the jewish lobby.

it is the israeli [zionist] lobby.

there is a difference. if you don't think so, i recommend that you tune into norman finkelstein and mark elf[jews san frontieres]. and quite often, zymphora provides the mots justes on this issue.

that edwards is "pandering" to the zionists should come as no surprise to anyone who recognizes the real puppeteers in amerika. not only is there "real" money to be obtained from that fifth column, but there is a potential "save harmless" to be gained from the "zionist" -controlled amerikan media.

and of course, there is the view that dictates that bashing islam, arabs, the enemies of israel, curries the favor of the amerikan electorate. that has been the successful methodology for electability for some decades. i think that this invasion of iraq might have altered that equation if deployed successfully for the amerikan electorate.

which means that the "pandering" is a pursuit of funds tactic.

i suppose that is why al gore selected joe lieberman. and how that duo played out continues to go unexamined. was joe a mossad torpedo? did joe know how deeply the mossad owned the bushits? did joe know what mossad false flag operations were forthcoming? and recognized that they could not become operational were al gore to become president?

never forget, what you think you know about recent history has been shaped for you by the israeli intell services. just think of the pivotal roles usg players with dual citizenship have played: yossef bodansky[who created al-quaeda], michael chertoff[who ran the blind mullah], dov zakheim[comptroller of the rumsfeld pentagon who lost how many trillions?], douglas feith. those are the israeli intell agents of whom i am aware. how many others are there?

and what do the israeli intell services have on members of the us congress? knowing what i know, i can assure you they have videotapes of amerikan congresspersons taking israeli bribes. they have videotapes of all the congresspersons that they have inveigled into their honeytraps.

let us never forget, israel does not exist without the largesse of the usa. we take away our financing of that fascist state, israel would have to give up its goal of imperial israel....would have to learn to be neighborly.

when you see a us pol "pandering" to israel, you may be seeing a victim of mossad, shin bet extortion. you may be seeing a pol who believes in conquest and empire...considering israel an avant garde of amerikan imperialism.

you got the thrust of this new contest for emperor accurately. the democratic contestants will do anything that the mossad, shin bet[and their us financiers] tell them to do.

this is the chain that must be broken. will it be? i don't see how with the control over the us media that the zionists have seized.


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