Sunday, February 04, 2007


some months ago, i posted an essay at eschaton, i think, discussing the horribleness of modern warfare. and how supposedly "soldier friendly" advances turned out to be quite "soldier unfriendly".

the pivotal conflict was the crimean war[1854].

this was the florence nightingale war....the dove of warmongering. who brought nursing to the front. allowing more soldiers to survive. allowing the homeland to become more favoring of imperial warfare.

this was the alex soyer war...the chef of warmongering. who brought organized field kitchens to the front. allowing more soldiers to be nourished independent of foraging in an over-foraged land. again, allowing the homeland to become more favoring of imperial warfare.

fast forward almost 100 years. the amerikan invasion of korea. facilitated by sikorsky's technical development, the helicopter. once again, an imperial invasion was made palatable by this technology that allowed for soldiers' woundings to be ameliorated in nightingale-styled mash units.

and then there was amerika's invasion of viet-nam. where all those technologies were employed so as to promote the interests of the empire.

quite candidly, had it not been for the chopper, there would have been no way for the usa to have conducted that invasion. it was the technology that made that bout of mass murdering possible.

still, it was a highly vulnerable technology. and bell/textron loved it.

the helicopter. provably the most vulnerable imperial asset ever deployed. easily taken out by small arms ground fire. the turbine, the transmission are so vulnerable.

but, of course, small arms ground fire that damages the two very vulnerable rotors are equally destructive.

clearly, there is a new effort in resisting our invasion. something has changed. the choppers were always this vulnerable. but recently, the iraqi patriots have determined that the usa is the enemy. and that the choppers are fair game.

this change will radically alter the amerikan invasion forces. until this last week, they were allowed the freedom of the air. but something has changed. choppers have been determined to be targets.

that is good. the viet-nam history of invader choppers needs to be rubbed into the amerikan electorate.

in closing, how many amerikan choppers were taken out by small arms fire during the amerikan invasion of viet-nam? 3,000? 10,000? 30,000?


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