Monday, February 05, 2007


the bushits opened pandora's box. anyone with a bit of wisdom would have known that it was better kept closed.

but there was this fifth column - mossadists, shin betists, zionists, maffiyaists - who promoted that opening of the box.

general shinseki appears to have been the only honorable man. he told the truth to the lunatics and was cashiered.

any general staff officer who refrained from resigning at that time indelibly stained his honor.

as i have written many times, the paradigm for this presidential regime was lbj & mac. it is like viet-nam all over again: in for a dime, eventually you will be in for a dollar. as it was then, it is once again - there is nothing like military misadventuring for the looting of the nation's treasury...and that is what this is about.

i would love to see the ORDER OF BATTLE equations for this catastrophe. i find it quite telling that the issue of ORDER OF BATTLE goes undiscussed. i always thought that it was the most overlooked aspect of the viet-nam invasion. it is a subject discussed most eloquently by the cia analyst, sam adams[RIP] in his memoir, WAR OF NUMBERS. another rip, colonel david hackworth was responsible for the publication of the adams' story.

as a rule, invasions of other countries are the unwisest of ideas. unless you have this orwellian pov that sees perpetual war as the course of perpetual enrichment for a certain class - the war profiteers. of course, general staff officers will be a part of that class. aand that is their incentive for playing ball with the resident and him myrmidons.

finally, the role of the mercenaries[blackwater, sandlines, et alia] needs to be discussed. where do they fit into the ORDER OF BATTLE? and who directs their activities? i think that the merc activities need to be scrutinized very closely...after all, mucho dinero is being sluiced to those entities. and it occurs to me that they just might have an interest in exacerbating, prolonging the conflict. succinctly, are the mercs placing ieds? shooting down usa choppers? functioning as death squads?

i could say so much more, but i think you get my drift....


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