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petrochemical plants, refineries. i have written about them previously. in fact, i have always considered the fact that these facilities were not struck on 11/09/01 as proof positive that the events of that day were not the acts of any real terrorists - that the events of that day were agents provocateur ops.

never forget, for a few minutes more of flying time, a much easier target would have been the exxon refinery/petrochemical complex. the loss of that facility would have killed scores of thousands, and effectively shut down the east coast of the united states for years.

similarly, why strike at the pentagon, especially the area of the pentagon that was impacted? when, once again, for a few more minutes of flying time, there were the petrochemical complexes of wilmington, delaware.

no, when these targets that would have really injured the great satan were avoided, you can bank on the fact that no "terrorists" had anything to do with the planning of the events of that day.

it is even worse than that, of course. forget about the manufacturing facilities and their vulnerabilities[then and now]. contemplate the chemical car freight trains that run throughout urban amerika.

all of these cars can be perforated with rounds from commonly available automatic weapons. study on the chemical freights that travel out of amerika's petrochemical complexes.

today in houston, for example, as i made a certain freeway/tollroad drive, i watched a chemical train being assembled. in the middle of a major amerikan city. let's consider the contents of those chemical cars....

unodorized lpg
glacial acrylic acid
hydrochloric acid

and those were the cars that had their contents identified on the outside of the car.

this freight was more than a mile long. 500 - 1,000 cars of very toxic, flammable chemicals. parked within yards of 4+million residents. alongside a roadway.

this situation exists throughout the conus.

that none of these freights has ever been assaulted, other than by graffiti artists[and that is a bit of fascination - graffiti artists accessing the roadbed and having the time to paint these cars containing hazardous substances], should inform you that there never has been any real terrorist threat within the usa. that there never was any terrorist action perpetrated within the usa.

i could say so much more. the amerikan populace is so frigging ignorant it is stupefying.


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Thanks for this post. Not much you can do when the context for the evaluation of any experience is popular culture.

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