Wednesday, February 07, 2007


i haven't been there in over a decade. for innumerable reasons.

but i had a customer today who wanted to go there for lunch. so, i took him there.

it is a good room, not too noisy. you can have a private conversaton. no shouting required.

the service is very adroit. the staff knows how to respect a business lunch conversation.

but the food was disappointing. we tried the fried oysters. i don't do them raw these days, too many poisonings. i do better fried oysters.

my customer did the crab cakes, he liked them very much. i should have had them. the redfish was tasty, as was the jumbo lump that topped it. but the fried oysters on that plate were just overcooked.

and the haricot verts should have had their ends snipped. perfectly cooked, however.

a B - B+. could have scored an A if they had gotten the oysters correctly.

still, if you are in houston, visiting houston, it is one of the better venues.

oh, and never go beyond the seafood. don't order a steak here.


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This is what I think: Brennan's Houston

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