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marcy kaptur, congresswoman from toledo, ohio, mentioned the name off TIM SPICER. who apparently has a contract in iraq.

she wants to know more about this contract. and she stated that the dod has been stiffing her for the specifics of this contract. for months.

now, let's consider SPICER for a moment....

to the best of my knowledge, spicer is SAS. who was sent downstream to establish a notional independent mercenary outfit...SANDLINE. SANDLINE WAS ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN WEST AFRICAN GANGSTERISM.

for a more "in-depth" history of amerikan-brit hiring of mercs for ops in west africa, i recommend to you this book, THE WONGA COUP.

now spicer, sandline, were operators for amerikan-brit interests in west africa. especially, sierra leone. but also cameroon, nigeria, sao tome. equatorial guinea.
the congo.

however, when sandline gangsterism was finally revealed[not in the usa press by the way], sandline was disappeared.

so, it interested me today to hear marcy kaptur ask the questions of the dod contracts with spicer's successor outfit, AEGIS.

you can see this on c-span.

of greater interest was the response to these questions by jack murtha. that supposedly anti-war ex-marine congressman. he shut her off.

the "regular" democrats do not want these usg relationships with the merc contractors examined. some might think that murtha is a straight guy - he ain't.

so, here is what the mercs that we have hired do....

they impersonate iraqis. and kill amerikan soldiers. so as to perpetuate the invasion, so as to try and inflame the amerikan electorate.

they also kill iraqi non-combatants so as to inflame the families of the decedents.

in viet-nam, both the french and the usg ran operatives such as this. so as to stir it up.

murtha, when shutting up kaptur, said that he would be examining this issue of mercenaries in iraq. watch. my bet, this guy will kill this investigation.

murtha is just another reptillian disquised as a demtillian.

someones out there need to interview kaptur about tim spicer and his mercenaries.



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Sandline. That's one I'm unfamiliar with. Thanks for the heads up.

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