Saturday, February 17, 2007


during her weeks as a captive, did she discover that the assets of the usa were destabilizing iraq? that she was, in fact, a captive of usa assets?

did the italian government violate some agreement with the usa when it financed her release?

and with the usa forces knowing of her travel to the bagdad airport, wasn't mario lozano, a national guard covered sniper, ordered to terminate her with extreme prejudice?

and nicola calipari, her rescuer, a major general in the italian intell service, must have sensed a usa betrayal. because he covered her with his body. and he took the round meant for her. in his temple.

to the best of my knowledge, sgrena has been silenced by this assasination.

but the italian populace may not be as terrified. it is my understanding that the italian electorate wants the usa out of italy. and is becoming demonstrably vocal on that issue.

i urge the italians to push us out. once that occurs, i shall feel so much more at home in italy. won't you?


Blogger John Byrnes said...

If you ever meet Mario Lozano in person you'lll feel very silly for thin king he was some kind of assasin. But if he was how' come Sgrena and Carpani lived?

7:00 PM  

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