Tuesday, February 20, 2007


i recall that when i was being raised, religion[issues of faith], was considered a private matter. in that era, my faith was considered an issue between the deity and me. it was no one else's business.

i didn't care what church anyone else attended. i didn't care what god[s] any one else adopted. all i cared about was an individual's personal honor, integrity. if you were a deacon in a church, but i knew you to be a liar and a cheat, your churchly ways gained you no favorable standing with me.

my deepest family background is mennonite. an historic peace church. my father's branch of my ancestors first escaped hesse and the warmongering pressgangs in the 18th century, fleeing to bern canton in switzerland, then to the pennsylvania colony.

in many respects, i have considered the mennonite communities in the new world the singular inheritors of the new testament. still, even they have doctrinal ways that i abhor.

yet, let us recall what that great presbyterian president, woodrow wilson[the tool of amerikan capital and imperialism] did to the historic peace churches. he rounded up their young men for their refusal to submit to the draft. and imprisoned them.

woodrow wilson. purportedly the first progressive democrat. his closest adviser, edward mandell house. from houston. his secretary of war, who implemented the imprisonment of the mennonites, et alia - newton baker[any relation to james baker?]

to a very large extent, this protestant war on pacifist christians presaged this era's desire to create the totalitarian, christian amerikan state, the home of gladiatorial paganism, disguised as some mutant form of the gospel.

this is a chapter in the history of this country that is conveniently ignored.

eventually, i left all of organized religion. i adopted the faith of the founders of this country: deism. it is a very private commitment to honor, inquiry, veracity. deists have no church. i think we think that the conduct of our lives is our tabernacle. we are the message of the deity, with no filtration.

i recall my first encounter with a "born again". he was a vendor to my company. a graduate of princeton. a lapsed episcopalian. at some point, he became ostentatiously religious. announced that he had become a "born again" christian and joined an evangelical church. and soon thereafter, he became a creationist.

i should have discarded him as a vendor right then. little did i recognize that for many of these "born agains" it was a manuever that they hoped would atone for their prior transgressions. before becoming "born again", this guy had been stiffing his clients, his suppliers. to the tune of about $500,000 or more.

as i mentioned in earlier posts, go to www.uprisingradio.org. look for the documentary JESUS CAMP. and tune into the interview with chris hedges. both of these are very chilling.

i have no clues as to how to proceed to squelch this totalitarian religiosity. and neither does chris hedges.

but i, like hedges, think that the democratic party has accelerated this religiofascism by kowtowing to the bankers, the industrialists, the war profiteers, the israeli zionist-imperialists. and i, like hedges, do not think that the democratic party will be getting back on the correct side of this issue. the democratic party has sold its soul to the monied class. hell, the democratic establishment today is the monied class.

the fascists bought 'em all.

good morning to you.


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