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what are the reasons for the electorate's flight from reality?

i need some input. because i am freaking out.

i have known individuals who have had a good education. and are essentially irreligious. yet, they enlist in THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON SCIENCE, as chris mooney described it. WHY?

my background is an engineering one. i manufacture a product. i deal with issues of steel, nickel, copper, alumina oxide, glass, gold, palladium, and a variety of fabrication issues involving these materials.

furthermore, i have a long history in aviation. suffice it to say, i know things.

yet, i continue to encounter individuals who have no similar technical knowledge who support the bushit nonsense concerning the events of 11/09/01. and either dispute my knowledge or go to great lengths to ignore it.

why is that?

i have abandoned p.e.'s[republicans] that i have known who want to assert that a few minutes of exposure to jetA can melt structural steel.

these are the same p.e.'s that profess to know nothing about the demolition of WTC 7. and so many other aspects of that day. aspects that could never have been the result of anything other than a usg project.

the fascinating part of the scam is how certain bloggers of the purported left continue to bulwark the usg's notional story. i think of kevin drum, in particular.

still insinuating that sunni jihadists were responsible for the events of that day.

kevin drum is either a disinformation agent. or an idiot. probably both.

but what about our friends and family members? what causes them to go brain-dead?

i think of a friend's brother. he teaches school. at a fancy and expensive campus in marin. what causes him to become demented when it comes to analyzing the events of that day?

i think of my former best friend. who refuses to acknowledge reality. eric hufschmid, PAINFUL DECEPTIONS: AN ANALYSIS OF THE SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACK actually called him to ask him why he was spurning the evidence that no "sunni jihadists" were responsible for the events of that day. my old best friend terminated the phone call. why?

why is it that so many want it to be the bushit way?

and this is clearly not an issue of left or right. liberal or conservative.

significant "LEFTIES" advance the notion that some muslims attacked icons of amerika. just like the "RIGHTIES".

and this proposition is inaccurate. no muslims had anything to do with the events of that day.

still, i find it tough to advance that understanding. consider kevin drum, and others, continuing to insinuate that sunni jihadists were responsible for the events of that day.

kevin drum is either seriously brain-damaged. or is an intell asset.

there is no there explanation.


Blogger MK said...

I think there are a couple of basic problems that a lot of folks have with 9/11 that explain some of their failure to see through it. Many people don't want to believe that their government would do such a thing. Many, many others just don't have any common sense. I happened to be watching television when it happened and it was obvious at the time to me that nothing that was being reported made any sense at all. I really don't understand, though, why people who don't believe anything else these people say believe every bit of the 9/11 fairy tale.

4:13 AM  
Blogger Mooser said...

Al, baby, it's like this: Just as an 18th century man who considers himself educated would look at events through the contexts of the Bible, today's educated and well adjusted American man (or woman) looks at every situation using the contexts of popular entertainment (melodrama) as a basic schema for his reasoning.
That makes pleasingness of narrative, not facts, the criteria for forming an opinion or drawing a conclusion.

Beyond that, a tendency I first noted when every boy in my suburban highschool class graduated knowing everything there was to know about women and how to use a handgun to intimidate people, two subjects they had absolutely no experience with, (except through melodrama) I, too, and also don't know how the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans who are engineers or otherwise involved with the putting up or tearing down of steel framed curtain wall buildings could accept the BS we were fed about 9-11.

I guess if you're smart enough to get through college you're smart enough to know which side your bread is buttered on.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Mooser said...

Help, Al Queda terrorists broke my syntax!

12:14 PM  
Blogger kelley b. said...

I work around other Ph.D. scientists every day at a major university, and I know only about 1/100 can see through the 9-11 disinformation nonsense.

Mooser's probably right. If they acknowledged how bad things were, they might be in danger of losing their rice bowls. I did lose my NIH funding in 2003 and my departmental support. It certainly didn't help I'd freely talked with other faculty members and scientists at national meetings about the hundreds of inconsistencies.

I managed to find work elsewhere in my institution, but I don't speak about 9-11 details anymore.

I get better responses when I tell people to follow the money, and show them the cash flow. That someone illegally made fortunes off of 9-11 most people can believe. It's ony when you speak of thermite and UAVs their eyes glaze over.

7:08 PM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

mooser says that al-fresco is disrupting his syntax.

i know that my spelling errors are my fault. misplacing my cheaters, i must confess.

the problem is the same problem as the one in germany in the 1930's. the perversion of patriotism.

the inability to recognize reality has always puzzled me. i recall conversations[arguments] with my dad in 1964-1965 when i became an ardent opponent of the invasion of viet-nam. he could not acknowledge that the usg was lying about the gulf of tonkin.

my retort was that he could not recognize fascism even if it had its teeth sunk deeply into his flesh. and i used his recollections of his bicycling journey through bavaria in the summer of 1937 as evidence that he was blind to totalitarian regimes.

he cycled through dachau and did not notice the kz. he noticed nothing that presaged the future events.

what leap of faith would he have had to have made to recognize what was happening in germany in the summer of 1937? he grew up in city with a predominately german population[the founding city of the bush family fortune, by the way].

and the local media described germany as the bulwark against godless communism. it must never be forgotten that the initial inmates of dachau were not jews[in fact, most german jews applauded the imprisonment of those first inmates of the first kz].

who were those first inmates in the kz that opened and operational within weeks of ah's appointment to the reichskancellery? socialists[also described as bolsheviks] and oberbayern catholics who were opponents of the nsdat[the opponents of bolshevism].

the more things change, the more they remain the same.

propaganda still works. those engineers that i know that align themselves with the propaganda of that 2001 day in september have biases that cause them to be good germans.

the catholic ones back george bush because he has styled himself as anti-abortion: no scientific realities will disrupt that catechism.

the fundamentalist engineers that i used to know are similarly predisposed. but even worse, though still wearing hair, they are skinheads at heart. any depredations imposed on "ragheads" is OK with them.

and i used to think that i could change their perceptions by introducing them to engineering verities.

to an individual, none wanted to be exposed to those verities. they shunned anything that might disassemble their illusions.

their motto is/was: please don't confuse me with reality.

i close this way...reality is out there. and sometimes it gets revealed assiduously.

several sites that i think are revealing it...[the initial dvd DEMOLITIONS says it all].

there will be people that you know, and work with, that will prefer to remain fascist bastids. but i have found that for every fascist bastid, there are more than two who are beginning to question the official story.

stand-up. keep after the truth.

8:18 PM  
Blogger Al Coa said...

It's true. You are pathetic and humorous at the same time.

2:40 PM  

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